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West Herts Homes to transfer stock to Watford Community Housing

The outside of Watford Community Housing's office

West Herts Homes has announced its intention to transfer its stock to Watford Community Housing, following consultation with its residents. The decision was agreed at the two housing associations’ respective board meetings this month, and they will formally merge on 29 February 2024.

West Herts Homes’ portfolio of 28 properties will be transferred to Watford Community Housing, helping to ensure the ongoing provision of good-quality homes and services for residents. As part of the consultation, representatives of both organisations held a joint meeting for tenants and West Herts Homes has met with its customers individually to provide advice, information and reassurance on the proposed transfer.

Watford Community Housing was formed in 2007, and now owns and manages more than 6,800 homes and associated assets across South-West Hertfordshire. As a Community Gateway Association, it is committed to tenant empowerment and offers tenants the opportunity to become members and help shape the future of the Group – all current tenants of West Herts Homes will be eligible to become members.

Based in Hemel Hempstead, West Herts Homes is a locally based housing association that has been delivering housing and support services to its residents since 1975.

In addition to the homes it owns, West Herts Homes currently manages seven properties for three local authorities and one private landlord. As part of the transfer, Watford Community Housing will take on the management of these homes, building on its strong existing relationships with key local authority partners.

Tina Barnard, Chief Executive for Watford Community Housing, said: “We are delighted that West Herts Homes has chosen us for this transfer. We already have a strong presence in the communities served by West Herts Homes and we welcome the opportunity to help ensure that its residents continue to have good-quality homes and access to excellent services. We have a strong track record of delivering for our customers and communities, and together we can invest more in residents’ homes and provide the services and support they expect.”

Paul Eastwood, Chief Executive for West Herts Homes said: “For nearly 50 years West Herts Homes has had an excellent record of delivering personalised services to a client group of mostly vulnerable people. Having reviewed our position going forward, and mindful of the changes and future challenges within the housing sector, our Board has decided that the best outcome for our residents and our staff team lies in merging with a larger landlord. After a detailed selection process, we chose Watford Community Housing as our preferred partner, and I am confident that the merger will be beneficial to both organisations and all those that we provide services to.”

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