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Supporting local organisations during the coronavirus crisis with our Community Development Fund.

We have been committed to supporting our communities since we were formed 13 years ago.
During testing times like these, despite government restrictions, we are dedicated to that commitment more than ever.

Our Community Engagement team work tirelessly in our neighbourhoods to bring communities together and provide practical support and endless opportunities for our customers to engage with us and groups around them.

During these unprecedented times, with government restrictions in place, we are reshaping our Community Development fund to provide support to small charities and voluntary sector organisations who are providing assistance to the local community during the coronavirus pandemic. This fund has been in place to support largescale projects or events which help develop our communities and during testing times like these,  we find it important to aid the efforts of wonderful organisations who can continue to provide invaluable support to the community and those most in need.

We understand and appreciate that delivering these services is challenging under the government’s restrictive guidelines but we are offering our backing to ensure these services can continue whilst our communities need them most.

Our Community Engagement Manager Edel Maher said: “The residents of Watford have reached out to family, friends, neighbours and even strangers and we applaud you for all your help and support. We are proud to launch this new phase in our Community Development Fund and we hope that the camaraderie in our wonderful community continues through every challenge and opportunity that we face.”

If you are part of an organisation and are in need of support, please complete the application form here and return it to [email protected]