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Saffron Housing Trust contribute to new safe play area for local families

Saffron Housing Trust have helped towards the completion of a revamped children’s play area in Chedgrave near Loddon after providing funding through their Community Improvement Grants.

The application came from the Chedgrave Parish Council who were looking to replace the Grebe Drive play area, which had to be closed due to safety reasons and the equipment needed replacing. As a key local amenity, the council were able to raise money through community fundraising, donations from local businesses and groups, and grants which included Saffron.

The play area is now open with new equipment, offering local children and their families a refreshed, safe area to play, enabling outdoor social contact for people which is increasingly important as the coronavirus restrictions start to be lifted.

Emilie Hildreth, Community Foundation Manager at Saffron, said: “The updated play area is a great improvement that we were really pleased to be able to help fund. It’s wonderful that the park was opened in time for the Easter holidays – with Covid restrictions affecting us all it’s even more important that people can access outside spaces like this lovely park.”

Councillor Colin Gould, Chairman of the Chedgrave Parish Council said: “The parish council is pleased to see the new play area being so well used and is very grateful to all of the individuals and organisations who have helped fund and deliver the project.”

Last year Saffron Housing Trust launched its Community Foundation Programme to support their local communities. The programme provided the opportunity for people to apply for grants such as the Community Improvement Grants. These grants are aimed at people who would like to make a physical improvement or activity that would benefit their local community. Primarily to benefit Saffron tenants and the communities in which we live and work

15 applications were submitted and in December a panel from Saffron were able to make the decision to fund 13 local projects in Norfolk. A number of the improvement projects have now been completed and Saffron are proud to see how they are helping their local communities.