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Saffron Housing Trust celebrates completion of Wave One of energy-saving decarbonisation project

Saffron Tenant Robert Ingram Stands Outside His Home.

Saffron Housing Trust expects to save tenants almost £700 a year in energy bills amidst the cost-of-living crisis, through its industry-leading decarbonisation scheme.

The recently completed project forms part of a government initiative offering funding to developers for retrofitting their homes with carbon neutral upgrades, such as energy efficient windows and doors, new radiators, and air source heating.

Saffron has become one of only 12% of developers in the UK to have completed Wave One of this retrofit rollout, and the team have been highly commended to DESNZ, the government Department for Energy Security and Net Zero, which manages the scheme.

Richard Egle, Sustainability Project Lead, said: “We at Saffron should be very proud of what our Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund (SHDF) project team have accomplished on the Wave One retrofit works and making 126 Saffron homes more energy efficient.

“We’ve worked hard to become one of the only housing associations to have successfully completed our Wave One SHDF project, after encountering many challenges along the way.”

Maria Deluca, Tenant Liaison Officer, said: “It has been a pleasure in my first few months of working at Saffron, that I have been involved with a worthwhile project. With my team, we have made tenants’ homes warmer and more energy efficient with the install of the air source heating, new windows and doors and insulation. I have had a lot of positive feedback.”

Alongside the savings in heating bills, the project is estimated to reduce CO2 emissions by an average of 3564 kg of CO2 per property. This translates to an estimated emissions reduction of almost a year and a half’s worth of car journeys.

Saffron Housing Trust Home Following Completion Of Decarbonisation Works.

A Saffron Housing Trust home following completion of decarbonisation works.

Saffron tenant Nicola Webster has had her house retrofitted with everything from new flooring and radiators, to windows, air source heating and a new kitchen. She said: “That’s something that appeals to me and my values – living in a sustainable environment.

“I was delighted when I saw what the team had done. It surpassed the expectations I had when I came to view the bungalow. It’s a topic I’m interested in, anything that can reduce carbon consumption is really important, and obviously the bills!”

Saffron Tenant Robert Ingram has received new windows and an Air Source Heat Pump. He said: “I think the air pump thing is a brilliant idea – I’m happy with it.”

He added: “All in all, with Saffron, I must say I’m pleased with them.”

The team are now working on Wave Two of the project, which will see hundreds more homes retrofitted to reach an energy efficiency rating of at least C.