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Launch of Individual Assistance Programme (IAP)

Broadland is delighted to announce the launch an Individual Assistance Programme (IAP) for tenants and their immediate family members.

The IAP is a free, independent service providing Broadland tenants with 24-hour access to professional and confidential telephone counselling, advice and support.

The new service will run initially from 1 October 2020 for 12 months. It is being operated by our partner Health Assured, providers of our Employee Assistance Programme.

We are really excited about this new service, which complements our existing free Tenancy Support service so well. We believe there is a strong need among our tenants for this kind of confidential, professional support, particularly with the continuing impact of the pandemic.  The IAP offers a fantastic resource to help people cope with the issues in their lives.   

Kevin Gee, Tenancy Support Manager

Broadland already offers tenants a comprehensive range of free support services, including help to:

  • manage their tenancy, look after their home and cover their rent
  • claim the right benefits
  • budget, save money and get a better energy deal
  • move house and set up your home
  • access training and employment
  • use a computer
  • look after their health and wellbeing