Research Reports

Build East: The Future of Housing in the East of England

BuildEast have been working with Savills to produce a new research report, ‘The Future of Housing in the East of England’.

This report provides timely intelligence which will assist member organisations and the wider sector in their delivery ambitions for the future.

It addresses pressures on the housing market in the East of England and provides analysis of the types of housing needed to meet current and future demand. It covers issues including affordability, land supply and demographic trends from a regional perspective.

The summary report can be downloaded here.

The full report can be downloaded here.

Changes to allocations policies: The future for housing associations in the East

BuildEast wanted to develop a better understanding of how changes to allocations policies, brought about through the Localism Act, were impacting housing associations. Having gathered data from seven local authorities in the East of England and looked into over 2,000 allocations, BuildEast’s research found:

Local authorities have used their new powers to considerably reduce their waiting lists. On average, housing registers contracted by 51.8% with the largest declines in Southend-on-Sea Borough Council (-76.57%) and Bedford Borough Council (-68.64).

Fewer older people and households with multiple adults are being referred, a likely result of the removal of low priority and comparatively more financially secure applicants.

With changes to allocations policies still feeding through, BuildEast call on local authorities who have changed their policy to conduct a yearly review into the effect of their amendments.

The full report can be downloaded here.

Solving the affordable housing crisis

The main political parties have made significant commitments to increase the housing supply over the next parliament. But while BuildEast welcomes the common ambition of building 200,000 new homes each year, it is somewhat unclear how this will be realised.

With on the ground experience, BuildEast has put together seven policy proposals to boost capital, supply and the quality of affordable  housing. The policies are easy to implement, affordable, and could make a significant contribution to the UK’s affordable housing stoke.

The full report can be downloaded here.

Social Housing in the East: Challenges for the region and implications for the UK

Commissioned by BuildEast, Cambridge Centre for Housing & Planning Research (CCHPR) has released its seminal research report – Social housing in the East: Challenges for the region and implications for the UK.

The report is designed to inform the strategic thinking of national and local government and the social housing sector. It also aims to build public understanding of the key challenges and opportunities that the region will face in the future.

The region, with its spread of different types of local authority area, typical of England as whole (with the exception of Inner London), is a potential test of whether the new financial and welfare regimes can work, and produce the housing required. If the system struggles to deliver in the East, then it is also unlikely to produce the desired results elsewhere.

The full report can be downloaded here.

BuildEast’s response to the report can be downloaded here.