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Saffron Housing Trust achieves Gold award for its sustainability

Saffron Housing Trust has improved its performance and achieved a Gold award in its latest sustainability report looking at its environmental performance.

In March 2021 the Trust was awarded a Silver award in the SHIFT Sustainability Report, the sustainability standard for the sector. In the last 12 months the Trust’s overall performance has improved across all areas of the assessment resulting in a Gold award. Major improvements were recorded for the strategy and management associated with Saffron’s sustainability ambitions.

SHIFT looked at Saffron Housing Trust’s environmental footprint from 1st February 2021 – 31st January 2022.  Areas were assessed including offices, existing homes, new builds, supply chains and operations. The report also covered areas including energy and resource use, transport and travel, resident engagement, climate risk, biodiversity and responsible sourcing.

Jason MacCormick, Assistant Director of Strategic Asset Management at Saffron, said “This is a fantastic achievement and really shows the hard work we’ve been doing to try and meet high standards of sustainability throughout our business models, including the performance of the homes we provide.”

The report highlighted areas we’re doing well in, such as preventing waste going to landfill and engaging with tenants about how to lower their energy usage, which of course saves them money too.

There is always more we can be doing to help lower our carbon emissions, work more sustainably, and help the environment. I would like to thank my colleagues for continuing to support our commitment to this.”