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North Norfolk new home residents get unique opportunity to give real-life feedback to architects and designers

Residents of a new housing development in Edgefield in north Norfolk had the chance to quiz the architects and designers who created the new homes, as well as offer feedback about what improvements could be made to future developments, at a special event organised by Broadland Housing.

Twelve affordable homes and ten open-market homes have been built on the site on Holt Road on the north side of the village, in a £3.6 million project led by Broadland Housing.

With all of the new homes now occupied, Broadland decided to give residents a chance to feed back to those responsible for designing the houses about what it is actually like to live in them, in an evening event on the large green open space which forms part of the development.

Residents enjoyed pizza as they were able to speak in detail with the architects, designers, specifiers and project managers who were responsible for their new homes – providing valuable insight which will be taken forward into future projects.

“We weren’t able to hold a traditional launch event for this site due to the Covid pandemic,” said Broadland’s executive development director Andrew Savage.

“So a few months on, we decided instead to take advantage of the fact that people have been living in their new homes for a while to gain some feedback about how the on-paper designs have translated into their real-life experience.

“It was a hugely useful exercise, as well as bringing the new community together socially.  This kind of mixed-tenure scheme is increasingly how we are able to deliver affordable homes, especially in rural locations such as north Norfolk.”

Nine of the new homes have been made available for local people for affordable rent, with a further three made available through a shared-ownership scheme.  The remaining ten homes have been sold on the open market.